They’re an exclusive group: According to Marco Arment, creator of the Overcast podcast app, only around 1% of Overcast listeners use speeds of 2x or higher.

Y’all need to get with the program, 2.3x is now my default, but ease into it. 1.2x sounds essentially normal. When it sounds completely normal, bump it up to 1.4x. Keep going till you can’t.

Unless you are a very slow reader, 1x audio is slower than you read, so your brain is accustomed to information coming in quicker. When it doesn’t, and interest levels begin to wane, our minds begin to wander. Clarifying my point, this is not akin to skimming a page. My comprehension of the material is better  at increased listening speeds.

Speeding things up helps maintain focus, and I love being able to increase the amount of information I can cram into my head. More inputs please.

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