Seth Fix 

And improving your work is a hundred times easier than getting a guarantee that your work will be fine. So, do bad work. Do it often, do it generously, and then work to improve it. That’s how you learned how to walk. It’s how you learned how to talk. It’s how you learn how to do everything that matters to you. But now suddenly you’re waiting for a guarantee. It doesn’t work that way. It’s so easy now to blog every day. So easy now to put up a video. So easy now to put your work into the world. And if you’re willing to do it poorly, then you could probably learn how to do it better.

Seth Godin is very well known, but I bet at least a few of you aren’t very familiar with him. Having a listen to his recent interview on the Simplify podcast1 is a good way to fix that.

  1. If you follow this link, be advised, Blinkist does all the popular internet-business tricks like newsletter popups and javascript clipboard injections. Makes me feel better about my Amazon affiliate links, at least. 

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