When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy 

“People were sending me emails like I was dying of cancer,” Cuddy says. “It was like, ‘We send our condolences,’ ‘Holy crap, this is terrible’ and ‘God bless you; we wish we could do something, but obviously we can’t.’ ” She also knew what was coming, a series of events that did, in fact, transpire over time: subsequent scrutiny of other studies she had published, insulting commentary about her work on the field’s Facebook groups, disdainful headlines about the flimsiness of her research.

Very interesting (if long) article that discusses behavioral psychology, the replication crisis, and sexism. There’s a zero percent chance a white male scientist in the same situation with the same background would have been treated the same way as Amy Cuddy was. These themes warrant a longer post, but I’ll have to save further exploration for another day.

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